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Investing in Koh Samui

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With regards to property investment for buyers with an eye for long-term growth or to generate a rental income, Thailand is a perfect choice, as it has no capital gains tax for private investors and low ongoing taxes. Samui’s burgeoning property market is fast becoming a top commodity for shrewd investors as it makes for a relatively inexpensive choice when compared to real estate in neighboring countries and other parts of the world. Koh Samui offers year-round rental opportunities, since the island only has a short rainy season. Further enhancing its investment appeal is Samui's central accessibility, with direct international flights from Kuala Lumpur and the financial powerhouses of Hong Kong and Singapore, with mainland China, Dubai and others soon to follow.

10 Years Rental Program

Our 10 YEARS RENTAL PROGRAM is an optional scheme designed for those owners and investors looking to maximize their rental returns while not in residence.

During the 10 years of property management, we will divide the total room revenue on a 60/40 basis – 60% paid to the owner, and the operator will retain 40%. This commercial structure is an improvement on the 50/50 profit share used in other projects in Thailand as conflicts always arise from the lack of transparency on operation costs and expenses. A top-line revenue split removes this uncertainty and protects our buyers and residents.

From the operator’s share, all operating expenses will be paid. Such expenses will include (but not be limited to) utilities, marketing, salaries, cleaning equipment, and all other necessary expenses to operate the rental program efficiently and properly. The rental program also includes check-in/out services, maintenance, upkeep, cleaning, and management, all assured by the Santi Vista Villas team.
Profit Share
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How Long
10 years
Occupancy by Owner
Maintenance & Repairs
Cleaning & Upkeep

We look after your investment at Koh Samui

We market and rent the property on your behalf. In addition to this our services include, but aren't necessarily limited to, managing the general care of the property based on regular inspections, regular gardening services, pool maintenance services, security and cleaning services for the property, the supervision of general maintenance requirements and periodic reporting to the owner. We establish and maintain an appropriate system of records and accounts and preparing periodic financial reports. We also collect all income or receipts of any kind in respect of the property and arranging payment of all outgoings on the property.

Rental Returns Villa Type C

Rental Returns Villa Type C

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What to expect

Investors can expect a significant rental income, with the holiday rental market showing consistent year-on-year growth. We calculate that an actively managed property can produce annual returns of 7-12% net of management fees. Capital appreciation of properties in Koh Samui varied from 15-20% annually, with off plan properties appreciating by as much as 30% between the launch of the project and its completion.

Tourist Seasons in Koh Samui

The Peak season in Koh Samui starts from late December to mid February, when there’s plenty of sun with a 30°C climate and moderate winds. The Christmas holidays are the highest, reaching above 90% occupancy.

The high season goes mainly from July to August, where the sun shines the brightest with great beach weather - sunny and warm but not blazingly hot like April and May.

Low season begins in October - where it starts out hot and sunny and gently approaches the rainy season. Dark clouds begin to make an appearance from mid-October, but the island tends to save its wettest and windiest conditions for November, going into December.

Although October falls into the Low Season category, the island enjoys a relatively good occupancy rate owing to the Chinese Golden Week - a national holiday spanning from the 1st of October until the 7th of October.

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